Miracle Mate Tools

The tools for the Platinum Cleaning System are made of LEXAN, the same material used to make aircraft canopies. With quality like this, you can be sure these tools will last a long time.

The Platinum Cleaning System is sold with all of these tools as well as a powerhead. Additional tools can be ordered at any time if they are lost.

Crevice Tool
Reach dirt in tight places with the crevice tool. Vent holes at the tip of the tool increase airflow and allow more suction.
Upholstery Tool
The upholstery tool has a removable gate to prevent fabric drapes from becoming clogged in the tool.
Dust Brush
The dust brush has premium horse hair bristles that last much longer than typical synthetic bristles
Bare Floor Attachment
The bare floor attachment will never mark your floors and features slotted bristles to help capture loose dirt that would otherwise be pushed around your floor.