Best powerhead on the market

The Platinum Cleaning System wouldn’t be complete without an incredible powerhead. Designed and manufactured in Germany by Stein & Co. GMBH, a company known for making powerheads that clean the red carpets at the White House and Buckingham Palace.

Changing the brush strip on a Miracle Mate Vacuum

Easy-change brush strip
Most powerheads require you to replace the entire roller when the brushes wear out. The Platinum Series powerhead uses inexpensive brush strips that can be easily changed without removing the roller.

Instructions for changing the brush strip.

Here are some additional features of the Platinum Series powerhead:

  1. Heavy Duty Motor
  2. Sensor System
  3. Indicator Lights
  4. Geared Belt
  5. 14" Cleaning Base
  6. Edge Cleaning
  7. Micro Switch
  8. Balanced Roller