About Miracle Mate

Since the start in 1992, Miracle Mate has designed and manufactured products of exceptional quality and provided a level of customer-care that is second to none.

Our Philosophy

Most manufacturers today aim to increase profits by using cheaper, lower quality materials and automated manufacturing. The resulting products are less durable and therefore breakdown sooner. For consumers, this means continually spending money to replace one inferior product with another, and to make matters worse, more and more of these poorly made products are winding up in our landfills.

Miracle Mate on the other hand believes in building superior products that last a lifetime. Each machine is assembled completely by hand using high quality parts and materials, then thoroughly tested for quality and strength.

Miracle Mate

Miracle Mate owner KK Puri cuts a blue ribbon to celebrate the launch of the Miracle Mate Platinum in 1992. Since the launch, tens of thousands of machines have been sold world-wide.